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Threads of Freedom Processes flowchart Victims of Sex Trafficking Rescued from Brothels Rehabilitated and Counselled Shunned by family society employer get job employment stability independence reintegrated

For most victims of sex trafficking, getting rescued only solves one part of the problem. They still struggle to get back on their feet and freely live in society. Their past leaves them stigmatized; they’re spurned by their families and judged by potential employers. This leads to insecurity, isolation and an inability to start the next chapter in their lives.

Threads of Freedom works with nonprofit rescue organizations, government agencies and professional clothing manufacturers to provide job training, employment, counseling and support for these exploited women, so they can reintegrate into society as respected and truly free individuals.

Threads of Freedom program components Accommodation Training Secure Job Services provided Counseling Mecial care confidentiality financial assistance regular employment benefits

Once admitted into our program, they receive counseling, medical care, financial assistance and are provided food and accommodations. We offer a variety of services to ensure their continued growth and safety.  

They then undergo training and are employed at a partner facility. Counselors are available for the entire time that they are members of the Threads of Freedom family.


The partnerships we maintain are the most unique and critical part of the process. Each manufacturing facility is carefully screened to ensure excellent working conditions. As incentive to hire candidates from our program, we place orders with each manufacturing facility. We work with fashion brands to get orders for apparel and then these orders are passed along to the manufacturer. The fashion brands are able to leverage our story to connect with their customers. Therefore we create a win-win-win situation for our beneficiaries, garment manufacturers and fashion brands


Once hired, the candidates are incorporated into the fold like any other employee. The benefit is three-fold; the candidates can maintain their confidentiality, the facilities will have enough income to cover employee wages, and Threads of Freedom is able to oversee the entire process, from hiring to sale.

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