High Quality products at a Low Cost that are Socially Conscious. What are you waiting for?

ToF’s unique processes mean that trafficking survivors work at reputed garment manufacturers. These manufacturers also supply products for our clients based on their needs and have years of experience in the industry.

Based on your needs, we work with partner factories to manufacture your products with the highest quality. Our partners have had years of experience producing apparel for brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Armani Exchange, Walmart, Express etc.


Partner Factory Capabilities

1. Most types of woven and knit garments ranging from basics to high-fashion

2. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) range from 300 - 1200 pieces per style depending on the product

3. Total production capacity is 3+ million pieces per month

4. Factories are equipped with state of the art technology:

  • An automatic garment crushing machine

  • A computerized fabric cutting system

  • Laser cutting, circular & flat knitting machines

  • An automated panel printing machine

  • In-house capabilities of computerized, hand embroidery & printing

  • All wet and dry process facilities

  • Semi vertical - have their own knitting unit having a varied mix

5. Factories follow strict labour and environment compliance guidelines and are certified by either Fairtrade, WRAP, SEDEX, SA8000 or BSCI,  etc.

6. In-house design team that creates & develops collections every season

7. Versatile fabric sourcing & development team that works with a variety of fabrics including sheer & novelty fabrics

Some of the brands that our partners work with:

Why Threads of Freedom?

ToF has built unique, one-of-a-kind partnerships that result in high-quality, low-cost, socially-conscious products. Apparel sourced through ToF directly benefits survivors of sex trafficking and gives them hope for a brighter future where they are truly free.

Customers today expect brands to support social causes and deliver products, which are tied to stories of human upliftment, and that’s exactly what ToF delivers. Don't just take our word for it, see what the research says.

Threads of Freedom

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Threads of Freedom (ToF) is a social enterprise revolutionizing the way survivors of sex trafficking and those at high risk of being trafficked, reintegrate themselves into society. Our mission is simple: Give these women their lives back through meaningful employment and social support. 


Most trafficked women lack the confidence and skills needed to reintegrate into society. Their past leaves them stigmatized; they’re spurned by their families and judged by potential employers. This leads to insecurity, isolation and an inability to start the next chapter in their lives. ToF works with nonprofit rescue organizations and professional clothing manufacturers to provide job training, employment, counselling and support for these exploited women.


ToF trains and employs rescued women in established manufacturing firms and then collaborates with these firms to produce high quality clothing. These clothes are sold to consumers, keeping our operation sustainable.