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B-601, Mangal Kunj,

36th Road, Bandra West

Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

Please note, this is only our office address, and no reintegration work happens at this location. 

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Threads of Freedom

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Threads of Freedom (ToF) is a social enterprise revolutionizing the way survivors of sex trafficking and those at high risk of being trafficked, reintegrate themselves into society. Our mission is simple: Give these women their lives back through meaningful employment and social support. 


Most trafficked women lack the confidence and skills needed to reintegrate into society. Their past leaves them stigmatized; they’re spurned by their families and judged by potential employers. This leads to insecurity, isolation and an inability to start the next chapter in their lives. ToF works with nonprofit rescue organizations and professional clothing manufacturers to provide job training, employment, counselling and support for these exploited women.


ToF trains and employs rescued women in established manufacturing firms and then collaborates with these firms to produce high quality clothing. These clothes are sold to consumers, keeping our operation sustainable.